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Dear Sirs,

Our company BC Amber Jewellery is since 1993 a producer of high quality silver and amber jewellery. We are recommended by the International Amber Association and that obliges us to produce and sell only natural baltic amber and 925 Sterling Silver.

amber jewellery

In our offer we’ve got over 5000 patterns. Our inspiration is to produce a rich variety of designs to amplify the beauty of amber/silver combinations.

We offer You a new internet platform that should make WHOLESALE and RETAIL shopping easier. The price depend on the scale of your order, that's why we estabilish it individually with each wholesale customer. Minimum order quantity for production (from unavailable items) is 10 pcs from each ordered kind. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. All contact data You can find HERE.

I hope for a fruitfull cooperation.

Piotr Wedekind
amber jewellery

Viberviber: +48601511181
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