Amber Centre - Amber Jewellery Manufacturer

Piotr Wedekind founded the Amber Center in 1993. Not only do we design and manufacture high quality amber jewelry, but first and foremost -
we make people feel more beautiful.

Note that we manufacture only high quality jewelry. Many customers, all over the world, have appreciated it. All our products are checked by a quality inspector.

Moreover - good partners are offered… nice price. Thanks to good management of production and use of efficient machines we managed to lower our costs.

Our customers can count on our reliability. Be sure, that your order will be realized on time. We are at your service.

In April 2003 we founded a gallery also called The Amber Center. It is a place where tourists (especially foreign) watch a special multimedia presentation and learn a lot about amber - its use, history and techniques of processing.

We are recommended company by the International Amber Association.