Amber Centre: Regulations

The Internet Store, available at belongs to the BC Jewelry Company, Bursztynowe Centrum (Amber Centre) Piotr Wedekind and it conducts its business based on an entry in the register of business activity under KRS number 56843. The Store enables purchases through the internet.

  1. The general condition of making purchases is for the Purchaser to fill out the order form properly. The form is available at the Internet Store website at By filling out and sending the order form you also confirm that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.
  2. Internet sales include products listed on our Internet store website at at the time of placing the order.
  3. ou can place your order directly at our website or through the following email address:
  4. The minimum weight of a wholesale order is 500 grams. The orders below this weight may not be processed.
  5. Each order is processed immediately and is shipped after payment has been credited to the company’s account.
  6. All prices shown at – an internet retail store – are gross and include VAT.
  7. After checking the availability of ordered products, a conditional order confirmation will be sent to the Purchaser via email.
  8. In the event of any discrepancies in the content of the order confirmation, please contact the store via email or phone: 0048-58-3080768 in order to resolve them.
  9. Incorrectly filled out order forms will not be processed.
  10. Delivery conditions

    1. delivers all over the world. The Purchaser chooses the type of delivery and bears the delivery cost.
    2. Delivery time for orders is dependent on the type of ordered products (between 2 and 31 days).
      If your order cannot be processed within this time frame for reasons beyond our control, we will contact you in order to agree further action.
    3. Delivery time for packages sent within the territory of Poland is usually 1 to 3 days, and for packages sent globally, 2 to 7 days.
    4. Package receipt should be confirmed with a signature. At the moment of signing the delivery, the title to the goods as well as all risk connected with possession and use of the goods, especially the risk of loss or damage is transferred to the Purchaser.

    Delivery cost

    1. The courier collects payment for ordered products at the time of delivery or the delivery is completed after payment has been credited to the Internet Store’s account at
    2. Shipment cost of a single package depends on the destination and is set every time depending on the weight of your order.

    Refund procedure

    1. Each product purchased in the Internet Store at is manufactured new and covered by warranty for hidden defects. Warranty claims will be handled according to the Civil Law regulations.
    2. The purchase receipt entitles the Purchaser to apply for a refund.
    3. Before shipping, the product must be cleaned and packed. In the event of careless packing, the Internet Store is not responsible for any damages caused during transportation as a result of defective product protection.

    Personal data protection

    1. By sending the personal data, the Purchaser freely agrees to have them processed for the purpose of order processing and marketing only by the BC Jewelry Company, Bursztynowe Centrum (Amber Centre) Piotr Wedekind located in Gdansk, at ul. Nadwiślańska 16A in accordance with the Data Protection Act dated August 29, 1997 (Journal of Laws 1997, No. 133, item 883). The personal data is processed in accordance with security requirements determined by this Act. You have a right to review, edit and update your personal data as well as request to discontinue processing it at any time. Your personal data is not provided to third parties.
    2. By sending a purchase order, the Purchaser authorizes the Store to issue an invoice without the Purchaser’s signature.
    3. To all matters not settled in these regulations, appropriate provisions of the Civil Law shall apply as well as provisions on: protection of certain consumer rights and hazardous product liability dated 31 March 2000 (Journal of Laws 2000, No 22, item 271), special terms and conditions of consumer sales and amendments of Civil Code dated 27 July 2002 (Journal of Laws 2002 No 141, item 1176).

    Payment methods

    You can make payment by:

    1. Sending money via 24 transfer – credit cards such as: VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS CLUB, JCB, POLCARD and VISA ELECTRON, for people authorized to make online purchases (for the internet retail store)
    2. Wire transfer made by traditional method.
    3. Making payment by credit card on using client number 3860 after giving consent to pay an additional fee of 2.8% of the order value which covers the commission (for the wholesale store).